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The Ultimate Fitness Bundle

(7 customer reviews)

4,405.00$ CAD

2,249.99$ CAD


  • 💪 One-year supply of premium supplements
  • 🏋️ Personalized training and meal plans
  • 🧠 Expert guidance from experienced coach
  • 🎉 50% limited-time discount
  • 🎯 Achieve goals and unlock your full potential

Unleash Your True Potential with Our Ultimate Fitness Bundle!

Transform your body and mind with a one-year supply of premium supplements, personalized training plans, and meal plans curated by our expert in-house fitness coach.

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Regular Price: 4,405.00$ CAD

Sale Price: 2,249.99$ CAD

What's Included:

Item Duration Value (CAD)
Premium Supplements for Peak Performance 8 months 3,205$
– MK-677 (8 bottles)    
– RAD-140 (8 bottles)    
– GW-1516 (8 bottles)    
– LGD-4033 (8 bottles)    
4 months of PCT 4 months 240$
12 months supply of nootropics 12 months 405$
– 5 days on/2 days off    
– 9 jars    
Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plans   1,200$
– 8 custom six-week training plans    
– 4 custom meal plans    
Expert Support Every Step of the Way Ongoing Included
Total Value   5,050$ CAD
50% Off Discount   -2,525$ CAD
Final Price   2,525$ CAD

Premium Supplements for Peak Performance (Value: 3205$)

Man building core muscles with ball

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plans (Value: $1200)

  • 8 custom six-week training plans
    • Tailored to your goals and fitness level


  • 4 custom meal plans
    • Adjusted based on your progress and goals


  • Designed by our in-house fitness coach with over 15 years of experience working with bodybuilders and athletes


Expert Support Every Step of the Way

  • Complete a questionnaire to receive the perfect plan for you
  • Access to ongoing support and guidance from our expert coach
Muscular Man With Protein Drink Shaker

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"I've never seen results like this before. The personalized plans and high-quality supplements have made all the difference!"

Sarah, 32

"I can't believe how much I've improved in just a few months. The support from the coach has been amazing!"

Mike, 28

"The Ultimate Fitness Bundle has been a game-changer for me. The personalized training and meal plans helped me reach my goals faster than I ever imagined!"

Laura, 26

"I've tried many fitness programs before, but this bundle stands out. The expert guidance and high-quality supplements have made a massive difference in my progress!"

Carlos, 34

"Since starting with the Ultimate Fitness Bundle, I've seen incredible improvements in my strength and endurance. I couldn't be happier with my results!"

Jessica, 29

"This bundle offers everything I needed to succeed in my fitness journey. The support from the coach has been invaluable, and the supplements have given me the extra boost I needed!"

Ben, 40

"I can't recommend the Ultimate Fitness Bundle enough. The combination of tailored training plans, meal plans, and supplements has helped me achieve results I never thought possible!"

Karen, 37

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