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MK-677 [ibutamoren]

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  • Improve exercise endurance and capacity
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Improved bone density
  • Managed body composition
  • Increased quality of Sleep (REM quality) and sleep duration
  • Improved quality of Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Transiently increase metabolic rate which results in losing body fat
  • By increasing IGF-1 it can improve memory and learning
  • Faster healing of wounds and Tissue Regeneration

Increases growth hormone and IGF-1 levels significantly within two weeks [2]


How MK-677 Works

Ibutamoren mk-677 is a selective silent modulator of growth hormone receptors (SmoR). It is thought to increase growth hormone secretion by increasing the number of Growth hormone receptors on the surface of the cells that produce the hormone.


MK-677 may also increase the half-life of growth hormone, allowing it to stay active in the body longer. Reducing the time between each pulse of the hormone reduces the amount of growth hormone required to reach the desired effect. This drug may be useful for muscle growth, fat loss, and the treatment of certain types of dwarfism.


What to expect?

Recover faster from workouts

Increasing growth hormones means that muscle cells can recover a lot faster. So, your muscle needs less time to go back to the gym or on the field for a hardcore session. Muscles also feel sore for a much shorter period.

Build Muscle

Since MK-677 helps your muscle recover faster, you will build a lot more muscle mass in a shorter period! Muscles are not built in the gym but during recovery. Better recovery better gains.

Help Recovers From Injuries

An increase in HGH production means that all cells are recovering faster. Not only the muscle but also the joints, tendons, and ligaments. Ibutamoren also creates a little bit of water retention, especially in joints which is awesome for joint health!

Man building core muscles with ball

Increases nitrogen retention in less than 14 days [2]

Feel Younger, Slow Aging

One of the key factors of aging is the fact that past 30 years old the level of growth hormone decline pretty fast. That’s why many athletes and celebrities take HGH to stay younger and healthier longer. With MK-677 it’s now easier than ever to get the same results!

Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat

Cells need energy to recover and regenerate, in the human body, energy is calories. Having higher levels of HGH and recovering faster mean that you burn a lot more calories on a daily basis. This leads to burning fat! Ibutamoren also acts directly on fat cells to lose fat faster!

Muscular Man With Protein Drink Shaker

Other Benefits

Ibutamoren improves sleep quality providing you with a longer REM sleep cycle and shorter sleep latency. MK-677 also decreases LDL, which helps cardiovascular health.2

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Unrecognizable strong bodybuilder man with perfect abs shoulders biceps triceps chest

Reverses the protein catabolism caused by dietary caloric restriction [2]

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