Buy GW-1516 in Canada


Buy GW-1516 in Canada


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  • Stimulates fat loss significantly
  • Increases Metabolism and Prevents Obesity
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance
  • Helps the Immune System
  • Heal Skin Diseases
  • Improve Blood Flow and Wound Healing
  • Has Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Potential


GW-1516 [Cardarine]

GW-1516, also named Cardarine, was created by Glaxo Smith and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 1992.


Cardarine (GW-1516) is hands down the best compound out there to increase your physical performance. Not only does it give you an insane endurance boost, but it also has great fat-burning properties. There is a reason why so many top athletes choose to use Cardarine.


To give you an example of the success obtainable with Cardarine is the well-known case of Elena Lashmanova, who tested positive for Cardarine after breaking the 20 km race walk world record. Because Cardarine was abused by various athletes in different sports, the WADA chose to ban the compound in 2009. Overall, Cardarine is an excellent and powerful compound to use.


What to expect?

In mice, the GW-1516 combined with four weeks of regular racing increased race time by 68% and stroke distance by 70% and doubled overall muscular endurance. In rodents, GW-1516 plus exercise has increased mitochondrial growth in muscle by ~ 50%, allowing muscles to generate more power without fatigue. It has also decreased fat while preserving muscle. GW-1516 could be a powerful way to improve performance and lose fat while maintaining muscle.


increases exhaustive running distance by 31.2% after 3 weeks of GW501516 [2]

increases slow-twitch myofibres are rich in mitochondria and have a high oxidative capacity [2]

GW501516 predominately induces fatty acid metabolism [2]

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