Who do we partner with to help you achieve your goals?

SARM’s Canada partners

SARM Canada has been working for a while with other companies to help you achieve your goals the right way! Here’s a list of people we are proud to work with and we strongly recommend.

Energy and Productivity

For more than a year we have partnered with BRAINZ-UP. BRAINZ-UP offer high-quality energy supplements that support brain function for better memory, focus, and removing brain fog. They have 3 version: BRAINZUP which is the classic no caffeine formula. LEVEL UP that is like the classic formula but with added caffeine, and they have NZT that is a non-stop crazy energy rush.

Overall health for your Dog, Cat and Yourself!

We have established a trust relationship with the company PETCAREmd. They specialized in overall health products for dogs, cats, and human. They offer great supplements to fight inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.


To develop the best of the best PCT (post cycle therapy) we have partnered with PURE MIND LABS. They have created the insane DOPAMAX that is an awesome energy formula that taste like heaven. We have developed the PCT that we strongly recommend to our customers to increase testosterone levels, lower estrogen levels, and detox liver!

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