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What kind of results to expect when using SARMs?

What kind of results to expect when using SARMs?

Everybody wants to know: What results will I have if I use SARMs? Well, it’s almost impossible to predict results because everybody has a different metabolism, different training, different diets, and supplements. BUT we have seen over 10 thousand customers’ results and feedback. From professional athletes to everyday guys that just want to get in shape. Keep in mind everything here is based on reviews and results from customers; you still have to put in the time and the energy.

Using the right SARMs

Ok, first, you must be using the right SARM according to your goal. If you want to gain massive strength and you use only GW-1516 you’re on the wrong path mate. Here’s a little breakdown of which SARMs is mostly used in what case:

Building muscle: 

1. RAD-140

2. Ostarine

3. MK-677

4. LGD-4033

5. YK-11

Burn Fat/Improve cardiovascular performance:

1. GW-1516

2. SR-9009

3. Leanbody

4. LGD-4033

Increase strength and performance

1. LGD-4033

2. MK-677

3. RAD-140

4. Ostarine

To have more info on which SARM stack to use CLICK HERE to see our in-depth article.

Using combo to get more results

SARMs often work in synergy with one another. What does that mean? Let’s look RAD-140 for example, alone you might gain 3-4 pounds of solid muscle in 30 days but when used at the same time as MK-677 you might gain 15 pounds in the same 30 days. You can also use GW-1516 to lower your body fat at the same time, like in the GETFIT stack! We have formulated many stacks to guide you to the results you want as fast and effectively as possible. CLICK HERE to see all SARMs stack from sarms Canada

Real customer experiences

With over 10 thousand happy customers in North America and over 7 years of being the #1 SARMs supplier, sarms Canada has seen many customer results. For sure everyone is different and you still have to put the work in but it’s a great way to have some kind of idea of where you are going.

When using the right SARMs stack and proper training and nutrition many customers wanting to gain muscle manage to put on 25 pounds in their first month and then they keep gaining muscle at the rate of a few pounds a month. 

Others have increased their lifts by as much as 15% in a month on big compound movements like bench press, deadlift, and squat.

Many also gained 15 pounds of lean muscle and lost 15 pounds of fat in their first month (verified with body fat test).

All those results are achievable. You need hardcore training, good nutrition, and healthy habits! 

Our team is there to help YOU achieve YOUR goals! Message us on messenger to know what stack use!  

Where to buy:

SARMs are great because they let you have the same results as using steroids or human growth hormones without the same side effects. SARM’s Canada is happy to provide you with the best products on the market. 99.98% pure RAD-140 in organic MCT oil with lemon flavor. SARM Canada is the only brand in Canada that offers that type of quality. Our customers that use RAD-140 alone have great results but when stacked with MK-677 like in the Muscle Stack. On average it is possible to put on 15 pounds of lean muscle! When taken in a combination, like the Get Fit stack, it allows the muscle to grow and improve strength but also burns fat at the same time. In another stack like the Bulking stack and the Bulking stack 60 days the amount of lean muscle mass gained without any fat is impressive. In a recent study, researchers analyzed 44 different SARM products sold online. They found that only 52% contained SARMs [12]. SARMs Canada is the leader in the SARM industry in Canada and Europe, and we have provided the world with the highest quality on the market for six years and will never stop doing so!

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