How to choose the right supplements, Creatine, Whey, BCAA, Probiotic, Fibre, Detox

How to choose the right supplements for my goals?

There is so many supplements out there it is nearly impossible to know what’s what. When to use? How much to use? What is marketing and what is high-quality? We are here to help and bring knowledge! We truly believe that education is the key and that the more you know about diet, training, supplement and health the better you will choose.

First it all depends on your goals. We will break down a few goals and popular supplement and then see how to choose the right one and how to use!

Building Muscle:

  • Creatine
    Creatine is known to be a famous mass builder that causes water retention like crazy and makes you bloated. THAT IS BULLSHIT! It comes from the young guys hiding behind creatine to take dianabol and other steroids. Creatine increases the amount of ATP in muscle cells. ATP is energy use by the muscle for the first 5-10 seconds of activity (3 reps). So, it increases strength and that leads to more muscle. Water retention is minor and in the muscle cells, so it only makes you more hydrated that’s it, not bloated. Use creatine monohydrate it is the most studied and safest form. 5-15g a day depending on body weight.
  • Whey Protein ✅ ⛔
    Whey protein is not magical and won’t make you more muscular. It only helps supply more protein if your nutrition does not contain enough of it. Think of it as eating one more steak but without the fat and the vitamins and minerals. Real food always wins, ALWAYS. Eat more and take protein shake when you can’t eat enough. Try to go with New Zealand whey isolate it is the best option out there.
  • Mass Gainers ⛔
    Mass Gainers are basically whey protein with a ton of carbs and a few other things to promote marketing. Except if you are a ‘’hard-gainer’’ with very low appetite, even then try to work on your digestion, I would not recommend mass gainers. You will gain more fat than muscle and no one need more fat, it doesn’t matter how lean you are. Stay lean.
  • BCAA ✅
    BCAA are branched chain amino acids. They are made 3 amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. They increase protein synthesis and prevent catabolism. That mean that along with a high-calorie diet they would help recover faster so build more muscle. When calories are restricted like when you diet, they help prevent lost of muscle mass. They are great for everyone and all goals. Try to use IBCAA (instantized BCAA), it is the highest quality available. There’s no upper limit for BCAA but 10-20g a day divided during workouts and post workout seem to work best and be cost-effective.

Improve Digestion:

  • Probiotics
    Probiotics are really important for gut health and for neurotransmitters. The gut is also called the 2nd brain for a good reason. It has a direct effect on mood, depression, anxiety and behaviour. It is also important to have an effective digestion and reduce bloating. You are not what you eat you are what you absorb! Eating 4 000 calories a day is not worth it if you absorb only 3 000! It’s better to have an effective digestion! Intermittent fasting of 14-16h a day is also tremendously beneficial.
  • Fibre
    Like probiotics, fibres are really important for digestion, and we tend to not eat enough vegetables, fruits and high-quality grains. Remember to choose a fibre that contains soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. It most also contains prebiotic fibre like inulin. A mix of flax seeds, apple pectin, rice brand and insulin are highly effective.
  • Detox⛔✅
    Let’s make sure we all got something straight. THERE’S NO MAGIC DETOX. If a detox looks too good to be true, it is. All those juice detox or grape only detox is BULLSHIT. Being very low calories, you will lose fat for sure whatever what you eat. It doesn’t mean it works. Try to go towards healthy detox like using a supplement containing milk thistle, artichoke and fibre and remove all the processed food from your diet. You can also do intermittent fasting to help improve digestion.

Supplements are a great tool to achieve your goals! At SARMs Canada we are here to help you with the best information available and the best performance product on the market! If you want to know more about SARMs CLICK HERE for a full article!

Stay focus and stay healthy!

Thanks guys!

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